Deutsche Welle Dirk Kaufmann Dieselgipfel: Der Berg kreisste..ßte/a-39938696

The summit started…

And ended with a squeak. The much-publicized „diesel-summit“bringing together politics and the car industry was a disappointment. They could have spared themselves the trouble  – in fact, should have spared themselves, writes Dirk Kaufmann

Technically, it was already clear beforehand that nothing earth-shattering would come of the meeting because the „car chancellor“ – as the German chancellor is called because she never misses an opportunity to sell cars for the industry – is on holiday. Did anyone really think that she would leave any kind of breakthrough to her transport minister? What’s a summit without the woman at the very top? And in fact, the only thing to come out of it is hot air, but without nitrogen oxide, which is at least a start.

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